Friday, March 19, 2010


Once again from Practical Pages (see article below and link in the sidebar).

Handwriting information at Practical Pages

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


If you visit this wonderful site:

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you'll find a wonderful list of ideas that I have copied below.

I highly recommend this site, and if you subscribe you will be sent regular emails with great links to projects to download and use.

I am very thankful that this wonderful lady has the time and kindness to share her ideas and thoughts with the world :o)

We love it!

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Here are some games and activities that will build up upper body gross motor muscles:

Wheelbarrow races on hands while someone holds feet
  1. Hanging on rings on the jungle gym
  2. Throwing and catching big beach balls
  3. Playing swing ball
  4. Swimming
  5. Jumping with a skipping rope
  6. Bowling

Now for some fine motor activities and games:

  1. Squeezing clay, putty or plasticine
  2. Placing clothes pegs along a ruler or around a container
  3. Tearing paper - first colour a square paper with big crayons, then tear into tiny squares, then glue these pieces on to a picture
  4. crunching paper into balls
  5. Opening fingers with elastic bands on them
  6. Finger actions with songs
  7. Kneading bread dough
  8. Rolling and making biscuit balls
  9. Picking vegetables and pulling stalks off strawberries/ tomatoes/ shucking corn
  10. Drawing in pudding mix on a plastic cloth/ salt on a tray/ shaving cream on window or mirror
  11. Cutting with scissors
  12. Tying knots, bows, shoelaces or rope
  13. Doing buttons, zips, press studs, hooks and eyes, cuff links and fasteners
  14. Screwing and unscrewing bolts and nuts
  15. Lacing with card and shoelaces
  16. Beading with cotton reels and thick thread

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


We love to listen to tapes!

But - most of the stories available on tape are not the sort of thing we would like our children to listen to.

We have made our own tapes, and shared the idea with others.

The picture above is the type of little tapedeck that our daughter loves to carry around with her, and she can listen to it in the car, or in bed without disturbing others.

These tapes are very comforting for the child when they are unwell, or if they were to have to spend time away from home for any reason.

I encourage you, if you are going to make tapes for the children, to make copies of precious ones. Tapes can be easily spoiled - especially if 2 year olds start playing with them, not understanding how special they are. :o)

And keep the tapes carefully labelled, and put up high in a safe place. Probably best if the children only have one tape at a time to listen to.

One Mum came back to me and said her boys were loving listening to the tapes too - and what else could they make recordings of?

So that set me thinking, and I've come up with the following ideas.

If you have more to add PLEASE let me know, and we can share ideas!

1. Pieces of scripture. Short bits or very long passages. Spoken or sung.

2. Other songs you sing WITH the children, so they can hear Mummy and their own voices.

3. Months of the year, and days of the week.

4. Spelling words.

5. Character Training lessons - available from the link shown in the sidebar. On your tape you can sing the song, read the scripture, ask the children questions and get their answers all on the one tape.

6. Interview Daddy and ask what he loves best about the children.

7. Interview Grandparents - prepare a set of questions first i.e., where were they born? what subjects did they like at school? what was their first job? was there a war on when they were small?

8. Tape all your favourite poems from all your favourite books.

9. The Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes and the fruits of the spirit.

10. Catachism

11. Books of the Bible

12. Read the whole book of Proverbs a little at a time onto one specific tape.

13. Times tables.

14. Give Grandparents (or other supportive older person) a stack of the child's favourite books, and have the Grandparent read the books onto a tape.

15. Keep one tape aside marked "Diary". Occasionally put this tape into the tapedeck and chat with the child about things they have been doing, places they went etc.

16. Read a short story onto the tape, then have the child narrate the story back onto the tape.

17. Long chapter books you will read to the children at bedtime - you may need several tapes - be sure to label them correctly as you tape them - i.e.,
RAILWAY CHILDREN Side 1, Tape 1. then
And the next tape will be
RAILWAY CHILDREN Side 1, Tape 2 etc

The Mummalady


Just had to share this great site for paper dolls.

Very simple, with easy to colour and cut clothes.

Our little ones are having a great time with these.


The Mummalady


Talking about John Piper again - we were listening to a biographical message about Charles Spurgeon , delivered by John Piper, and were impressed by the following quote:

"In comparing one ministerial identity with another he reminded other pastors that at the last supper there was a chalice for drinking the wine and there was a basin for washing feet. Then he said,

"I protest that I have no choice whether to be the chalice or the basin. Fain would I be whichever the Lord wills so long as He will but use me ... So you, my brother, you may be the cup, and I will be the basin; but let the cup be a cup, and the basin a basin, and each one of us just what he is fitted to be. Be yourself, dear brother, for, if you are not yourself, you cannot be anybody else; and so, you see, you must be nobody ... Do not be a mere copyist, a borrower, a spoiler of other men's notes. Say what God has said to you, and say it in your own way; and when it is so said, plead personally for the Lord's blessing upon it" (see note 69).
And I would add, plead personally the Lord's purifying blood upon it too, because none of our best labors is untainted. But the danger is to let the truth paralyze you with fear of man and doubt of self."

We would suggest that this message is not just for pastors, but for all who will share God with others.

John Piper's audio sermon is found here

And the transcript is found here

The Mummalady