Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I don't know whether to be cross - or sad.

Each week we have a box of organic vegetables delivered to us. Along with the delivery we also get a weekly newsletter emailed to us with recipes and instructions on how to store the vegetables properly.

This week the newsletter informs us "Thanks to Mother Nature for the warm weather." (with a capital M and capital N).

This sort of comment perpetuates the myth that the world is run by some maternal, kindly Mother-figure who knows best and treats all kindly.

In a lot of homebirthing type communities there is a huge overdose of the "Mother Nature" teachings.

I wonder where people think this Mother Nature came from? Evolved like the rest of them? Something different that landed on earth from the big bang? I don't mean to be smart (honest) but I really wonder what people are thinking.

Our current read-aloud book is "Cat of Bubastes" by G A Henty.

In it, Ameres the High Priest of Osiris confides to his son that over time men changed their worship of the One true God to that of worshiping his ATTRIBUTES. They made gods they could see and worship. But Ameres had figured it out, and he knew that there was only One true God that sees all, and is powerful over all.

Throughout the book there is information about how the Egyptians worshipped, and what they believed would happen to dead bodies etc - and how they lived in absolute fear of offending the gods.

It is all very interesting, and very sad that the populace would be completely duped by stories and false histories made by MAN. Puppets, no doubt, of the enemy.

It reminds us of a testimony we listened to about a man who had been saved out of Catholicism.

And also information we have learned about the changing of history books that are presented to publicly schooled children.

Sadly it's around us all the time with New Age teachings, people making their own gods to worship (money, sports, possessions, the environment, the "I'm a good person I will get into heaven" teachings ...), confusion about the One true God and the old Mother Nature thing...

We would greatly encourage you, dear readers to seek the truth. Throw out trendy and false beliefs - they won't lead to the truth that sets you free.


The Mummalady

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


For the third time in the last couple of years we have had a copper water
tank stolen.

The first time the person came in the night (after he had visited us during the day and talked to me about the possibility of buying the tank, and given me a false cellphone number), emptied all the water out of the tank which Daddy had made a trolley for so we could pull it around the
paddock and water the new trees - and he took it.

The second time the replacement tank for the above was stolen (we had let the children spray paint it, and we had punched our phone number into it permanently.) We couldn't replace it again, so we have done without.

This third time he used bolt cutters and cut a link in the chain that we lock the gate with - we were in town at the time.

He didn't take anything else, just the copper water tank which Daddy had set up to catch water off a little roof right by the glasshouse so that our little girl could water the glasshouse plants every day.

This is not visible from the road. It is visible in the photograph of our glasshouse on this blog a few posts back. I wonder if our thief reads my blog?

We realise that everything we have is given by the Lord, and he allowed this person to come and take it, and as the Lord sees fit this person will be dealt with.

It is a lesson in holding on to our earthly possessions with a very light hand. And thanking the Lord for each day that he blesses us with something.

In the night the Lord reminded me "Forgive us our tresspasses as we forgive those who tresspass against us."

What a powerful lesson also for the children.

We pray for the man who is either totally unaware of doing wrong and hurting people, or maybe he is not happy about the choices he is making for committing these acts.

And we place him in the Lord's hands.

The Mummalady

Friday, November 20, 2009


Hi followers, and other popper-inners.

I try not to spend too much time on the computer, but recently I have had a purpose and a goal.

I've been doing a lot of work regarding a session I am leading for our homeschool group. I will be teaching about notebooks, lapbooks, mini-offices and the workbox system.

(I will not be teaching about NETbooks, as per the picture above, but I just wanted to get a picture on my blog of something I would love to have one day!!!! And yes, it has to be pink!!!).

Quite a few of the ladies who are attending my "Notebooking etc" session are new homeschoolers, and so I've put together a decent amount of information pertaining to things WE have found useful and exciting over the last (unofficially) 16 years of homeschooling (or officially 10 years).

In time I hope to get the information in a sensible order, and then publish it here for others to benefit from as well.

In the meantime I have some websites which I have bookmarked over the last year or so. plus extras

notebooking pages about famous people

I hope you will have a brief glance at them, and find something helpful.

The Mummalady

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


About 80 people participated in our homeschool group's 2009 Pet and Hobby Day.

Our family greatly appreciated the work put in to this day by the family who put their hand up to host us all!

They gave a huge chunk of their time, they shared their house, their property and their enthusiasm to make this year's Pet and Hobby Day a great success.

It was one of those days the children will always remember.

Comments from our children: "We had icecream! Yummy Icecream". "I liked looking at what everybody else had been making". "Next year I am going to make a cake ..." "I loved playing on the rope swing." "" . Our two little guys fell asleep on the way home. I'm not surprised. It was a long day!

Thought you might enjoy some of the photographs we took.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Here's a fab idea for children who love to have all their bits and pieces in one place.

Check this mobile office out!

I love being organised and having all our supplies in one place - it's heaps of fun to set up and it can look great to have all pens and pencils, scissors and gluesticks etc in one place. But then, the hard part comes when children actually USE the stuff! It often doesn't get put back the way I'd like!

But this idea would make each child accountable for their own things. And if they had no interest then they wouldn't have to have one! They can go hunting for the scissors and use the blunt pencils that nobody has sharpened for a month!

I have a little girl who would LOVE to have neat and tidy special things within reach while she was writing and drawing.

We'll have to see if we can find some heavy card and magnets, velcro dots etc and make one for her.

Let me know what you think.

The Mummalady

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I've been talking to two friends recently.

Without knowing it - they both gave me messages that combined to teach me something vital.

We want stuff.

We think it will make us happy.

We save up. Or we borrow.


It's exciting.

It's nice.

Then ...

we want other stuff.

It's human nature. It brings poverty, clutter and we are a slave to THINGS and a slave to our will.

Imprisioned in a cage of WANT.

We need to bind OUR will to the will of GOD.

God wants WHAT IS BEST for us, for our marriage, for our family. Anything God gives is good - he adds no sorrow. If we perceive the sorrow - then we are looking at the wrong thing.

I have been praying "Lord, bind MY will to YOUR will - for myself, my marriage, for the children for our family, take away SELF that I may serve you better, and serve my husband and family in a way that pleases You."

In my experience serving myself does not bring lasting joy and happiness. Fulfilling the "needs" that I think I have, does not bring deep peace.

And it does not set me free.

God does.

And God blesses us abundently MORE than we could ever think or dream of. To serve God does not mean a life of poverty and sadness. God often blesses us in little small ways that make us smile - only a loving Father who really knows our hearts can bless a child like this. :o)

And then God blesses us in GREAT BIG WHOPPING ways! Nothing is too hard for God.

The Mummalady