Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I don't know whether to be cross - or sad.

Each week we have a box of organic vegetables delivered to us. Along with the delivery we also get a weekly newsletter emailed to us with recipes and instructions on how to store the vegetables properly.

This week the newsletter informs us "Thanks to Mother Nature for the warm weather." (with a capital M and capital N).

This sort of comment perpetuates the myth that the world is run by some maternal, kindly Mother-figure who knows best and treats all kindly.

In a lot of homebirthing type communities there is a huge overdose of the "Mother Nature" teachings.

I wonder where people think this Mother Nature came from? Evolved like the rest of them? Something different that landed on earth from the big bang? I don't mean to be smart (honest) but I really wonder what people are thinking.

Our current read-aloud book is "Cat of Bubastes" by G A Henty.

In it, Ameres the High Priest of Osiris confides to his son that over time men changed their worship of the One true God to that of worshiping his ATTRIBUTES. They made gods they could see and worship. But Ameres had figured it out, and he knew that there was only One true God that sees all, and is powerful over all.

Throughout the book there is information about how the Egyptians worshipped, and what they believed would happen to dead bodies etc - and how they lived in absolute fear of offending the gods.

It is all very interesting, and very sad that the populace would be completely duped by stories and false histories made by MAN. Puppets, no doubt, of the enemy.

It reminds us of a testimony we listened to about a man who had been saved out of Catholicism.

And also information we have learned about the changing of history books that are presented to publicly schooled children.

Sadly it's around us all the time with New Age teachings, people making their own gods to worship (money, sports, possessions, the environment, the "I'm a good person I will get into heaven" teachings ...), confusion about the One true God and the old Mother Nature thing...

We would greatly encourage you, dear readers to seek the truth. Throw out trendy and false beliefs - they won't lead to the truth that sets you free.


The Mummalady

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Bob said...

Hi Debbie !
Just wanted to tell you that i printed your notes and have been reading them as time allows :o They are wonderful !! You need to come organize ME :) It is definately a juggle of skill and God's mercy to handle a busy home :)
Blessings ! Heather