Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I've been talking to two friends recently.

Without knowing it - they both gave me messages that combined to teach me something vital.

We want stuff.

We think it will make us happy.

We save up. Or we borrow.


It's exciting.

It's nice.

Then ...

we want other stuff.

It's human nature. It brings poverty, clutter and we are a slave to THINGS and a slave to our will.

Imprisioned in a cage of WANT.

We need to bind OUR will to the will of GOD.

God wants WHAT IS BEST for us, for our marriage, for our family. Anything God gives is good - he adds no sorrow. If we perceive the sorrow - then we are looking at the wrong thing.

I have been praying "Lord, bind MY will to YOUR will - for myself, my marriage, for the children for our family, take away SELF that I may serve you better, and serve my husband and family in a way that pleases You."

In my experience serving myself does not bring lasting joy and happiness. Fulfilling the "needs" that I think I have, does not bring deep peace.

And it does not set me free.

God does.

And God blesses us abundently MORE than we could ever think or dream of. To serve God does not mean a life of poverty and sadness. God often blesses us in little small ways that make us smile - only a loving Father who really knows our hearts can bless a child like this. :o)

And then God blesses us in GREAT BIG WHOPPING ways! Nothing is too hard for God.

The Mummalady

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