Tuesday, November 24, 2009


For the third time in the last couple of years we have had a copper water
tank stolen.

The first time the person came in the night (after he had visited us during the day and talked to me about the possibility of buying the tank, and given me a false cellphone number), emptied all the water out of the tank which Daddy had made a trolley for so we could pull it around the
paddock and water the new trees - and he took it.

The second time the replacement tank for the above was stolen (we had let the children spray paint it, and we had punched our phone number into it permanently.) We couldn't replace it again, so we have done without.

This third time he used bolt cutters and cut a link in the chain that we lock the gate with - we were in town at the time.

He didn't take anything else, just the copper water tank which Daddy had set up to catch water off a little roof right by the glasshouse so that our little girl could water the glasshouse plants every day.

This is not visible from the road. It is visible in the photograph of our glasshouse on this blog a few posts back. I wonder if our thief reads my blog?

We realise that everything we have is given by the Lord, and he allowed this person to come and take it, and as the Lord sees fit this person will be dealt with.

It is a lesson in holding on to our earthly possessions with a very light hand. And thanking the Lord for each day that he blesses us with something.

In the night the Lord reminded me "Forgive us our tresspasses as we forgive those who tresspass against us."

What a powerful lesson also for the children.

We pray for the man who is either totally unaware of doing wrong and hurting people, or maybe he is not happy about the choices he is making for committing these acts.

And we place him in the Lord's hands.

The Mummalady

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