Monday, September 26, 2011


Savvy marketers know that if they make a product in pink then it will sell to someone who might not ordinarily buy one.

Like a pink computer, a pink cellphone, a pink camera ... I'm not a super-consumer but I have those things!! Two years ago I bought the computer - 2nd hand and a real good bargain. The cellphone was purchased nearly 4 years ago with flybuys points, the camera was an "old model" about three years back so it was marked down by $100 ...

I am still amazed that God provides all our needs (food, air etc) - and often he provides things we don't necessarily NEED but he knows we will like.

And he gave me this photo of this beautiful magnolia flower.

It was free.

It's made by God.

And it's pink.


The Mummalady

Saturday, September 24, 2011


This little boy loves the dolly Mumma made. When I look at the dolly I see the mistakes I made with the head, the lack of stuffing in the chest ... but he doesn't see any of that.

He watched me making the first dolly for his big brother, and then patiently waited for his own. When it was finished he named it "Daddy Joffa". We don't know why!

Yesterday we had a lovely walk together as a family - Daddy Joffa had to be wrapped in a blanket because he didn't have any trousers. :o)

So this morning I made some snazzy purple stripey trousers and because Daddy (the real Daddy) was home keeping the little ones busy with a project I was even able to find time to make this baby carrier for our little man to tote Daddy Joffa around in.

He loves it!

The Mum