Thursday, December 10, 2009


Hi followers and other readers

Yes, this blog has taken a back seat for a while. :o)

We are concentrating hard on our schedules every day and getting a lot of good work done.

Next week I'm running a workshop for our homeschool group, and that has been uppermost in my planning - getting my presentation written, printed and put into a file, organising what visuals I will take, thinking about what toys I can take for the small children to play with. This is going to be a really fantastic session. I have about 18 Mums booked in, and if everyone brings their children we'll have over 50 people there. Fab!

I am also working on my novel. I have written my first draft, and now am fleshing it out with some very interesting events that will add value to the entire story. This week I've managed to add another 3,000 words.

My self-imposed deadline to get this finished before our baby arrives next year. Great to have a deadline!

This morning I was having my 6.15am to 6.45am writing half hour, but was interrupted several times by very small boys who wanted a cuddle in bed, and then one very little boy who needed to be held on the toilet.

As I was holding him there, chatting and smiling to him (I was very pleased with the job he was doing!) I realised that it was not an interruption. The writing actually interrupts my main job. My calling.

First - Daughter of God
Second - Wife
Third - Mother

and any time I have after that I can spend in other pursuits.

What a blessing!

The Mummalady

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