Tuesday, March 16, 2010


If you visit this wonderful site:


or go straight to this page:


you'll find a wonderful list of ideas that I have copied below.

I highly recommend this site, and if you subscribe you will be sent regular emails with great links to projects to download and use.

I am very thankful that this wonderful lady has the time and kindness to share her ideas and thoughts with the world :o)

We love it!

The Mummalady


Here are some games and activities that will build up upper body gross motor muscles:

Wheelbarrow races on hands while someone holds feet
  1. Hanging on rings on the jungle gym
  2. Throwing and catching big beach balls
  3. Playing swing ball
  4. Swimming
  5. Jumping with a skipping rope
  6. Bowling

Now for some fine motor activities and games:

  1. Squeezing clay, putty or plasticine
  2. Placing clothes pegs along a ruler or around a container
  3. Tearing paper - first colour a square paper with big crayons, then tear into tiny squares, then glue these pieces on to a picture
  4. crunching paper into balls
  5. Opening fingers with elastic bands on them
  6. Finger actions with songs
  7. Kneading bread dough
  8. Rolling and making biscuit balls
  9. Picking vegetables and pulling stalks off strawberries/ tomatoes/ shucking corn
  10. Drawing in pudding mix on a plastic cloth/ salt on a tray/ shaving cream on window or mirror
  11. Cutting with scissors
  12. Tying knots, bows, shoelaces or rope
  13. Doing buttons, zips, press studs, hooks and eyes, cuff links and fasteners
  14. Screwing and unscrewing bolts and nuts
  15. Lacing with card and shoelaces
  16. Beading with cotton reels and thick thread

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