Saturday, January 8, 2011


Not all children do this - but it's wonderful when they do!

We had a book from the library about musical instruments. Little girl read it. The next minute she's hunting in the recycles box for a tin can.

"Where are our balloons?" she said.

"May I have some sellotape please," was next.

She went outside to the driveway and chose some little stones.

The stones went into the can.

The balloon was cut, and after a few false starts and discarded balloons, this beautiful instrument was made.

She then had to make two more for two little brothers who were watching the construction.

You can either make "music" by pinging the balloon on the top, by tapping it with something, or by shaking the can and listening to the sound of the pebbles inside.

These instruments were popular for many days - the rougher the child, the shorter the life of the instrument of course! The 3 year old's instrument was the first to break. Followed closely by the 5 year olds one!

So the pebbles went back on the driveway.

The cans went back into the recycles box.

The balloons went into the bin.

And everyone agreed that it had been great fun.

And all I did was give a child a can and a balloon.

It's precious when things work like this.

The Mummalady

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Anonymous said...

Love the creativity of your beautiful children dear sister - love to you