Friday, March 11, 2011


Once upon a time a not-so-small boy found a discarded old toy in an op-shop toy box.

"Wow! One of those!"

"What is it?" asked Mummy.

"A Smelly Belly - they had them when I was little."

Apparently he'd wanted one when they were the Latest Thing - some years back, but at $6 each this Mumma had decided they were not a wise purchase.

Especially because they came inside a plastic egg, so you could never tell what sort of Smelly Belly you were getting inside. That's a nasty marketing scheme if you ask me. Introducing the children to gambling.

But now that Smelly Bellies are not so popular, they can be found in the bottom of op-shop toy boxes all over the place! And there is no gambling involved because you can see what you're getting!!

So, now that the not-so-small boy has a little money of his own, he rummages in the bottom of every op-shop toy box he comes across rescuing more Smelly Bellies. He likes them. They generally cost 20 cents. Ah well - could be worse.

And if you were wondering - the beautiful wooden shelf unit is available from Willow Cottage!

The Mummalady

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