Saturday, June 25, 2011


NO READING AT THE TABLE is a very fine and sensible rule.

Trouble is, when nobody else is sitting with you it can be boring getting breakfast into you, and so if your book isn't borrrowed (from The Library, or from a friend), then maybe it's ok ... maybe?

We have lunch together as a family normally (except Daddy - he's at work), and tea is ALWAYS together - around the table - which apparently is quite unusual in today's culture.

But breakfast is often taken in shifts while other family members are using the bathroom, or doing chores.

And when children are brought up with a vast but carefully chosen selection of books, it's kind of comforting and a bit of luxury for our 15 year old to sit for 10 minutes, reading quietly while he chews on his muesli.

The Mummalady

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