Wednesday, February 1, 2012

FAMILY QUALITY vs VISITOR QUALITY (subtitled An Apology To My Sister-In-Christ)

It's not like we pretend to be something we're not. People that know us know that. What we show to the work is what we are.


But one of our boys just pointed out the "Family Quality vs Visitor Quality" thing, and I have started noticing it too!

The plate of blueberry mini-muffins above were the Visitor Quality ones.

The muffins on the brown plate were Family Quality.

And they were perfectly acceptable as you can see.

My frumpy old grey and pink striped apron is Family Quality.

My floral apron is Visitor Quality.

A while back I gently admonished a friend who was wearing her old (very old) worn out dress around the house because it didn't matter - it was just family who were seeing it. I said that it did matter - her children had to look at her in that dress all day!!!

As often, when I give "good advice" it comes back to get me!

I sometimes glimpse at myself during the day and wonder what my children see when they look at me. What do they notice? It's not usually what I wear. It's what I am to them, how I love them, how I speak to them. And if I smile when I look at them.

Nobody here has ever complained about having to look at my boring old grey and pink striped, slightly stained apron.

And nobody minded the blueberry mini-muffins that had blueberries spilling out all over the place.

I'm sorry I told you off sister (I know you're reading this!) about your favourite ripped old blue dress. Your children love you and they would never have noticed.

Love you sister!

God Bless
The Mummalady

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