Tuesday, February 5, 2013


At last!   We have playstands!!

After looking at them for years, and wondering how we could make one that would fit into our little house The Daddy has come up with the design above.  We made this model from recycled pine that comes apart and stacks up into a much smaller space!   The heights of the shelves can be changed, and right now the playstand is in our lounge covered in cloths and will turn into a shop tomorrow (I tend to like playing shops!).  The little boys were climbing in and under the shelves earlier - that's not my sort of game.

I highly recommend this piece of equipment for anyone with a child or children - extremely versatile, fun, long-wearing and beautiful.

Within New Zealand they can be ordered from us - go to our website  www.willowcottage.co.nz

God Bless
The Mummalady

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