Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The above picture is a collection of wonderful Enjo fibres. We have our own collection that we use on a daily basis to keep ourselves and our house clean. For more information visit www.enjo.net.


We have the freedom to come at a subject from all angles. We read “living books” full of rich characterization and history. We do not use dull, dry text books filled with facts and
figures to try to remember. The children enjoy and retain so much of what we learn that they will bring the subject up again some time later, and more learning goes on as they extend their knowledge base very naturally.

Over the past few years I've considered using a purchased curriculum – something that will tell us what to do every day. But it hasn't suited the style of our family – and I realised that a curriculum is SOMEONE ELSE'S idea of what your family should be learning.

With prayer and seeking we have found resources and ideas everywhere. And none of it has to be expensive! We DO use a purchased maths course, and for science too now that the older children are learning biology and physics, but we still work a lot with reading library books and using the internet for many things.

We don't separate our learning into “headings” like history, social studies, environmental studies etc. We learn so much that overlaps into multiple areas – if we had to put it all under headings it would kill the enjoyment!

We have never “schooled at home”. We don't need to!

Our home education is a total lifestyle where the children are playing, working and learning all the time. It is very natural and heaps of fun.

In the past I've struggled with teaching the children to do housework. It's quicker, easier and more effective to do the job myself – but I have learned that's not the case in the long run!

I am doing a lot better in this regard with the younger children – taking time to foster a healthy attitude towards work in their minds. I believe it is a disservice to our children to allow them a lot of play time while Mum does all the work for them.

Life is about work – and work isn't a terrible thing. A healthy attitude towards work makes the work enjoyable and satisfying. Spare time and play are a reward after the work is completed. And with our lifestyle we have adequate time for both work and play.

Daddy has learned to slow down when he does jobs around home, and to watch out for three little interested people who always seem to be standing right behind him holding his tools as he works.


That's all for Part Three, log in at a later date for the final part in this series :o)

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