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And now here's the final part in our series :o)


(The above image is a "Melissa and Doug" jigsaw puzzle. We like the quality and most of the subjects of these puzzles, but unfortunately because they are manufactured in the US they are very expensive to ship over here!)


Home education on a shoestring is entirely possible – you might use your Bible, some simple art supplies, library card, book fairs and op shops, a dictionary and supportive, enthusiastic friends.

Later you can add: a computer, your own library of “how-to” and good non-fiction books (animals, plants, geograph etc), more art equipment, puzzles, games, tools (not toys!), musical instruments etc.

There is no mystery to educating children. It is not necessary for parents (or grandparents) who wish to educate their children to “do a course” or “get some qualifications”.

It is necessary to love your children. To want to be with them. You must learn to “read” your children – watch their faces to see if they are frustrated with something, or maybe they are stubbornly refusing to do something that you know they can do, but they might need a gentle push in the right direction.

An excellent relationship with your children, with healthy communication is extremely rare when your children are away from you for many hours at school where they will form relationships dependent on teachers and peers.

My advice for those considering homeschooling is to pray, seek and listen to the Lord's will for your family, ensure a unity between husband and wife - and then go for it! Soak yourselves in the Word and keep feeding yourselves spiritually until you are overflowing with joy and confidence. This joy does not come from ourselves – it is a beautiful gift from God!

Seek God's wisdom in learning what sort of family you are – structured/relaxed? Do you enjoy paperwork? Nature walks? Are any of you arty? Talkative? Hands-on? Bookish? This helps you to start, and then extend your areas of interest.

The Lord has chosen each and every member of your family and put them in exactly the right place for that family. Each family is a team that should not be split up for the purpose of education.


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