Saturday, June 19, 2010


This is a fun and easy game to make.

Collect some lovely little items from around your house (or from your box of "lovely little things" that you keep for times just as these!). Say seven of each item.

Carefully hot-glue one of the items to the top of a peg.

Get some nice big tweezers. Put everything into a lovely wooden box, a tray, or a little basket.

When child would like to play this game they:

- tip all the items out neatly

- put the pegs onto the ice-cube tray

- then use the tweezers to put matching items into the holes of the ice-cube tray.

Great fun!

This is one of those games that's easier to make if you keep your eye out for goodies each time you visit the re-use shop or opportunity shops (or if you are in America I think they are called Charity Stores).

We have another game coming up during the week if we find what we are looking for during our next op-shop visit.

And I'd like to share a system I have worked out to keep little boys busy when we do our reading-aloud sessions.

Watch this space!

The Mummalady

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