Tuesday, June 15, 2010


A friend of mine buys honey in bulk because their family doesn't eat sugar. I admire her, but I never thought I could take sugar out of my diet.

It's in just about everything we buy, and if you don't put sugar in a lot of the things you cook at home then they just don't taste right!

However - at 5 weeks pregnant, after eating a biscuit I felt very sick. In fact a pregnancy test showed "negative", but I knew I must have been pregnant because I felt sick when I ate sugar!

It was the same with my last pregnancy. So I was off sugar. All forms of sugar. And yeast. Not good for my system. See my last post about what I could eat that didn't have sugar in it.

I have subsequently learned about CARBOHYDRATES that TURN INTO SUGAR after consumption, so that is something for me to do some homework on. :o)

Adding sugar to things is not good for us. And even worse for diabetics.

I am not diabetic. But I suspect that I get gestational diabetes. My blood tests were all good because I didn't eat any sugar.

During those long 9 months when I couldn't eat so many things that I wanted to eat (couldn't have a sandwich, no pickle on the one brand of cracker biscuits I found with no sugar in them, no sauce, no prepared stock or soup, and definitely no sweets, cakes or chocolate!!).

I admit that my attitude was bad for a lot of my pregnancy in relation to my food. I would be positive for a while, eat well, concentrate on those things I could eat, prepare food to nibble on to stop myself feeling so sick, but then I would get hungry, sicker and tired and my attitude would slip.

And now, nearly three months after the birth of our beautiful baby things have returned to "normal" in my system, and I can eat sugar and honey again. I have repented to God for my bad attitude because I can clearly see what a huge blessing it was that I felt sick when I ate sugar. If I hadn't been sick it would have been so much harder to stop eating sugar. But the effect on the baby and my body could have been terrible.

Quite a few people have asked me HOW I managed to stay off sugar. It wasn't in my own strength. I couldn't have done it without the Holy Spirit working within me. I praise His glorious power, and stand amazed that I serve such an awesome God.

When God allows us to walk through the dark valleys He is there.

And when we soar over the mountain tops He is there.

I encourage anyone who is going through a dark valley in their life - give it all to God. If He doesn't want you to be there in that dark valley He will lift you out. And if He has a purpose for you to be there, then rejoice in the dark and hold onto His hand.

The Mummalady

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