Friday, May 28, 2010


During my last two pregnancies I went through a time of being sugar-free and yeast-free.

I admit that my attitude, at the time, wasn't very good. It's hard to be chirpy when you have morning sickness for 34 weeks. But that is no excuse for being grumpy!

Anyway - I found it very hard to satisfy my hunger (you get hungry when a baby is growing inside you -funny that!) with non-sugar items (lots of veges had too much sugar, and all fruits were out-of-bounds).

There is sugar hidden in all sorts of places, and I could taste it, and felt sicker if I ate it!

Here is my list of things I COULD eat, even when I felt sick, published out there in cyber-world in case it blesses someone else (and for me to refer back to, should we be blessed with another baby!).

cashew nuts
cashew butter
brazil nuts
fried egg
cold hard-boiled egg
baked eggs
Proper Crisps (made in Nelson)
cold cooked chicken (made by me so that I knew it was cooled and put in fridge quickly)
cold grilled chops
Naan bread and Mountain bread chips (made by me)
Quick Cooking oats (porridge) made with Rice Milk and cinnamon on the top
Mozerella cheese
processed cheese slices
Rice Cakes and Corn Thins with cottage cheese on
rice and vegetables
pasta and potatoes cooked in stock (make own stock - purchased stock has sugar)
baked Pita bread (check no sugar in the Pita Breads)
homemade soup with homemade stock (no mushrooms when yeast free)
if you are not yeast-free you can have toast and butter and toast and cashew butter
baked potatoes with cheese and butter and some salt and herbs
mashed potatoes
mashed potato fritters - cold mashed potatoes, cheese, egg, flour, herbs and salt

A recipe for half-way decent snacks I devised:

grind: brazil nuts, cashew nuts, sunflower seeds, almonds - mix with melted butter and a bit of Carob powder, add a smidge of Xylitol if you can take that (Xyliol is a NATURAL sweetner that you use pound for pound the same as sugar. It's easier to use than Stevia in my opinion, but I have used both in the past). When all is mixed together press into a sandwich slice tin, and put in fridge. When cool cut into small squares and put in the freezer. Eat one at a time. :o)

I will come back and add to this if I remember anything else.

If any readers have suggestions then please let me know!!

The Mummalady

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KelliSue Kolz said...

You can search and find a carbohydrate chart online in many places. It will help you find low carbohydrate fruits (for example, berries, many melons) that you can enjoy without spiking your blood sugar. They may work better for you when accompanied by a protein, for example the classic melon slice with proscuitto or other cold meat, or nut butter with slices of apple.

Some items on your food lists are really on the high end of carbohydrates, which you're probably eating in moderation anyway. For example, check out how many carbs are in potatoes and you'll see what I mean.

Thanks for posting a link to your blog on MOMYS.