Sunday, May 23, 2010


We have been watching Andre Rieu on Youtube and have borrowed a DVD from grandparents which the children have enjoyed.

His DVD where he is on the way to New York is very interesting! I recommend it as a great "behind the scenes" look at this amazing man and his orchestra. It is rated PG, and there are some bits which I needed to fast-forward as I didn't want the children watching, but other than that it was fantastic.

One evening during a before bed chat, our 7 year old daughter said she'd like to have a life like that - travelling and playing music.

I shared with her that when they make a program like that they show the good parts of the lifestyle.

I really do believe that the members of Andre's orchestra genuinely enjoy playing and touring with each other - that's clear to see, and I have heard from a lady who has attended 25 of his concerts that each concert is wonderful!

But I think each of those performers spent many, many years learning their instruments, practising and tears, auditions, disappointments, separation from loved ones due to touring and performing in different cities - all part of a normal life, but none shown on the program. And I don't blame them. They can't follow orchestra members their whole lives showing the ups and downs! But when a child doesn't see that, they can't imagine what is involved.

Without our discussion, our beautiful little 7 year old could have still thought that their whole lives were full of laughter, playing together beautifully, looking out for one another and enjoying every moment of their lives.

That happens to us sometimes too when we look at the life of a friend or someone we have just met. They seem to have it all together. They are wonderful, their furniture matches in their lounge, their piano is in tune, their car doesn't leak when it rains, their children never show disrespect, a house so big there is room to spare ... whatever we perceive as successful.

But we're not there behind closed doors with them. We don't see loneliness, frustrations, years spent on constant heart-tying and training with their children, the worries about overdrafts and loans ... people can carry any sort of issues that the world never sees.

I will endeavour to keep my attention focused on my own life, the place that God has put me right now, to serve and worship Him. And I will keep my eyes and my heart fixed on Jesus Christ - my saviour, my protector and the reason I live.

The Mummalady

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