Sunday, May 23, 2010


I picked up some fantastic star-shaped Post-It notes on sale the other day.

The Lord leads me to bargains, He provides the money and then He gives me great ideas for things to do with what He's give me! I can't imagine home education without God.

These star-shaped Post-Its have turned into a fantastic reading game.

I have written the names of familiar items on them - one item per sticker: wall, door, Daddy's boot, drawer, desk etc. Every so often I give one to our little 4-year old he needs to have a go at reading it, then stick it to the item.

Because they are genuine Post-It notes they have good adhesive which actually sticks (some of the cheap imitation ones don't stick!). And they don't leave marks on walls or furniture (but you might like to try it someone inconspicuous just in case!)

I made some stickers for a little friend too and I hope she enjoys them.

Bye for now
The Mummalady

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