Tuesday, August 3, 2010


The above image is a picture of Miss Charlotte Mason - from this website: http://www.squidoo.com/CMbasics

Hi readers.

I just wrote an email to someone, and thought I would post some of the thoughts I shared with her.

One of our children just turned 17. He is mostly self-directed in his education - learning Japanese, still doing maths and handwriting etc. He is also designing a webpage for our family business which we just purchased the domain name for! He's been homeschooled since birth.

And having just been blessed with a new baby, I believe it is profitable for our family if I spend time researching and learning about new/different educational ideas and seeking encouragement in our home education journey.

I've been researching many different educational styles - so far I have studied Charlotte Mason, Montessori, Steiner/Waldorf, Reggio and am now looking at Thomas Jefferson Education.

Whilst Montessori, Steiner and Reggio have some wonderful ideas I also see some of their philosophies as very dangerous. And whilst I admire Charlotte Mason's philosophies and ideas I realise that some are way beyond my capabilities!!

I must also say that having read (several times!) The Fallacy Detective by the Bluedorn brothers, it has opened my eyes to many fallacies and (sometimes) outright lies that people either unknowingly, or knowingly insert into their research and philosophies.

This is a very, very interesting field to study (when I have time!) and I'd like to give a presentation to some of the Mums from our group towards the end of the year.

I will be publishing my findings on this blog when they are in a readable state!

In the meantime if anyone wants sound advice on how to raise and educate children I recommend reading the Bible - this is our first and last word on the subject. This book has no fallacies, no lies and can be trusted to stand for ever.

The Mummalady


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post. We have borrowed "The Fallacy Detective" before but just bought our own copy on Saturday. We have the other book they wrote like this called "The Thinking Toolbox". Looking forward to reading your findings.
Mrs Bart.

The Mummalady said...

"The Thinking Toolbox" is on our list to buy!!!
Thank you for your comment. :o)