Thursday, August 12, 2010


Dear Readers

It has just been brought to my attention that when you copy a photograph from the internet it is considered stealing.

But isn't anything on the internet for public use? Any thoughts??

Should I go back through my posts and take off the pictures I have used from the internet - like the one of the snake skin, and the baked potato etc etc ...

I wonder if there is a situation where you can actually use these photos without it being considered "stealing".

The picture above is our own. It's an advert for our friends!

The Mummalady


Anonymous said...

Copyright laws are so tricky. We became really aware of this when we wanted to copy pages from the library books we were borrowing.
In the interests of honesty, I guess you would have to remove them, but you could always go to where you got if from and ask.
There are some sites where you are allowed to copy their photos though.
I have been called legalistic - but it does seem fairly black and white? What do you think?

The Mummalady said...

This has caused a lot of discussion in our house. If I was a writer (maybe I am!) and I had some good ideas (sometimes I do!) I would be happy for people to copy my written thoughts down and refer back to them, or show them to other people. I am very pleased in fact if someone shares my thoughts with others to help them on their journey. If someone uses my thoughts and pretends THEY invented it, then the Lord will deal with them. I would never use someone else's photograph and say "here's a photo I took." That's lying. And it's a sin. And the other thing about books - what about when they are not being published any more? And you borrow the book from the library and there are a few pages that you know would bless a friend if they read it - so you copy them for the friend? Hmm?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps not so black and white then huh?
However, if it is considered stealing, then as children of the living God, should we not honour that, and not steal? Just because we are happy to share, doesn't mean that others are. Maybe we are to think of them also?
Not trying to 'change your mind', just putting thoughts out there for discussion.