Saturday, October 23, 2010


There have been studies done on what we already knew.

Children love doing jobs.

There is no need to go into all the technical terms they use for what happens in a child's mind and heart when they work - you just look at their faces. Listen to their conversation with you. They love working!

This little guy was only two-and-a-half when this photo was taken. He loves to cut carrots and apples.

Let me share how to teach a little one to do this job:

1. It's much easier if you have a child-sized table (like the ones we sell through Willow Cottage! As I write this the first table is being made for sale.)

2. It's also easier if they have a stool or chair the right size for them! (same!)

3. Have a chopping board and a sharp knife the right size for them. (we don't sell the knives sorry!)

4. Show them how to cut slowly and carefully, keeping their fingers out the way. They must cut the piece off and then push it to the side.

5. Show them how to keep things neat, and keep their working area tidy.

6. Help them to clean up afterwards.

And that's how.

But you already knew that didn't you!! It's good to be reminded of these things though.

We were just blessed by having some wonderful visitors staying. Just before they left for their new home Daddy cut some kindling for them to take with them. Several of the boys were out there watching, and collecting all the pieces to pile together. The visitors' little two year old guy presumed the kindling was to take into the house, so he collected a handful and very purposely toddled over the driveway, and with a big smile came into the kitchen and handed me his bundle of kindling. I was so touched by his diligence and thoughtfulness. His Mumma and Daddy have done some good training. :o)

Many blessings
The Mummalady

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