Monday, October 25, 2010


I am so very excited.

We now have the website sorted out and our first items for sale!

Please wander over to our Willow Cottage website and have a little look around.

Our products are made RIGHT HERE in our own workshop.

They are designed by a Mummy and Daddy team who understand the need for quality, durability, usability and style!

And - along with our blog here we hope to encourage and equip others in their quest for a gentle, natural lifestyle.

Each item has been designed because there was a need for it in our family. All goodies have been tested and approved :o)

We are ready to take orders!

Thank you for looking.

The Mummalady


H. Crosswhite said...

Debbie & Family ~
The new store / products are beautiful !! maybe someday I will have the privlege of making a purchase IN NZ :) Blessings as you work together !
Heather ~

Anonymous said...

What a clever Daddy you have. I love your website and all the products you have on there. I pray God bless your family business.
hugs Sandra

Anonymous said...

Your site is awesome! Well done! And having seen the quality and workmanship of your products first hand, I can say for a certainty that these are FABULOUS products! Yay Willow Cottage!