Saturday, January 21, 2012


In the blog a few days ago, about "Breathing Space" for Mummies I mentioned playmats.

Just to show that I did NOT make my little boys fancy, clever quilts that might be seen hanging on the wall at the local A&P Show with a FIRST prize ribbon on it - here's a picture!

The green bit is often a hill or a field, the blue is sea or a lake, there's a little jetty going onto the sandy beach ... it changes according to the game being played.

The reason we had our playmats out this day was that everyone seemed to be antagonising everyone else ... well - when I say EVERYONE it was actually only the three youngest little boys, but of course, that made it feel like EVERYONE was being annoying (N.B. Bobby the Pomeranian wasn't being annoying - he never is).

So we hauled out the playmats and separated everyone - each to his own mat - and gave each a share of blocks and a bit of a lecture about being happy with what you have been given because learning to be content is an extremely valuable character quality (they are actually getting the message about that! Praise God!!).

Oh - horrors! Sorry - I've just realised the children were playing with PLASTIC toys this day! Nevermind - that's reality. Some days are beautiful open-ended, imagination-inspiring natural toys, some days are PLASTIC.

Duplo has been part of our lives for 18 years now, so it would seem a little odd if our current batch of little boys didn't play with Duplo trucks, cars, people, fences and animals.

Duplo of course leads on to Lego. And Lego - despite being VERY hard to keep contained in one area, and VERY painful to step on in the dark of night - is BRILLIANT for children's mental development, fine motor skills, play experiences ... oh ... and it's fun.

God Bless
The Mummalady

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