Thursday, January 19, 2012


I had just enough time to complete some sewing projects over the holidays.

A darling little dolly for a darling little friend who has named her Millie.

Some odd rabbits that are very popular with our children.

(check out that crazy blue and green paisley fabric - my mother-in-law gave it to me some years back and I KNEW I would use it for something special!).

I had a go at an odd giraffe - the EXQUISITE fabric was from a sundress that my Nana used to wear in the 60's. I inherited the dress, unpicked it carefully and have used it on very precious projects.

It kind of worked!

Our little guy calls this "Mamma's Ning" (for some reason he calls giraffes "nings").

But Daddy is back at work now, and the sewing machine has been packed away for a while - unless I decide to start adding vintage fabric Softies to our Willow Cottage range! I could be persuaded if the market was there, but realistically it takes too much time.

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