Friday, March 23, 2012


Try, and try again!

If you look at the photo in the last post you will see my early attempts at doll-making.

I kept going! I'm getting relatively good at it now!

This beautiful little girl is for sale on Trademe.

Our 2 year old has changed his sleeping pattern - he doesn't have his nap till a bit later in the afternoon then of course he isn't tired at 7.30 when the others go to bed! So I have been staying up with him, and while he potters around with toys and drawing things and getting into stuff in the kitchen, I try and do a bit of sewing.

My mum taught me to sew, but I never really took it up until a couple of years ago. It is now one of my favourite passtimes!

I have some hints for other Mums who would like to do some sewing:

- collect suitable (cotton or linen - your preference) clothes from the "free" rack at your local op-shop. Wash the clothes, cut them up to get some decent-sized chunks of fabric and then sew and sew. Make little bags, make dollies, make teddies - just sew and sew.

- get lots of sewing books out of the library and read all the hints and tips. File them away in your mind for when they are needed.

- if you have trouble with something like putting a zip in see if you can take your project to a friend who can sew. Have the project at the point where you get stuck, and watch them do it.

- sew and sew some more.

- check garage sales and re-use shops sewing machines - the ones from the 1980's are usually excellent quality and will last for years. Be prepared to pay anywhere from $20 - $80.

- thread is expensive - see if you can gather spools of thread from op-shops or garage sales.

- sew and sew some more.

- set yourself up with an embroidery hoop and some of your spare fabric and have a go at embroidery - this neatens your hand sewing.

- make a list of the things you'd like in case someone asks you what they can buy for you i.e., embroidery hoop, scissors that actually cut fabric, pinking shears, embroidery floss etc.

- sew and sew some more.

Let me know if you love to sew too!

God Bless
The Mummalady

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