Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Our little girl is a very Imaginative and Doing Things sort of a child.

A few weeks back she directed and organised her younger brothers, and they formed a group called "Animal Search and Rescue."

Daddy allowed them to clean out and use the old Donkey Shed (it's never housed donkeys and I can't remember why we called it that - but it's always been The Donkey Shed) for their headquarters, and Mumma and daughter doodled around and came up with a Logo which big brother made into a badge and some letterhead.

So - the children were all set to SEARCH AND RESCUE!

They got their kits organised - scissors, "bandages", buttons, hair clips, note pad, pencils and various other essential paraphanalia.

However, nothing needed to be Searched, or Rescued.

Today Little Girl's friend came to visit. She is also a keen animal lover, and avid bird watcher. They did some Searching, but no Rescuing was required.

BUT! Just before bedtime we went out onto the deck, Little Girl, Little little Pomeranian doggy Bobby and Mumma - to trim Bobby's nails.

Trim, trim, snip, snip ... PEEP! PEEP! PEEEEEEP!

Urgent peeping issued forth from the direction of the old bathtub situated at the back of Animal Search and Rescue Headquarters.

Little girl's keen animal saving instincts jumped into action and in one glance she had taken in the situation.

There was Victoria (Little Girl's own lovely tame white hen) clucking anxiously around the bottom of the bathtub and the PEEEEP PEEEP noises were accompanied by some wild flapping of tiny little banty wings and then nothing.

"Quick!" I shouted "A chick has jumped into the bathtub!"

Like lightning, Little Girl SPED across the paddock - elbows pumping, feet pounding, pinafore flying behind her.

She reached the bathtub, scooped up a soggy wet banty chick and held it close, carefully running back to the house.

"HURRAY FOR ANIMAL SEARCH AND RESCUE!!!" I yelled. (I was very excited! God allowed us to be outside at that EXACT moment when the chick had flown up into the bathtub, and He had called our attention to it. How cool is that?!? What an awesome God.)

We wrapped the soggy banty chick in a bit of cloth and gently dried it, then Little Girl rounded up the other chicks and Victoria and got them into their A-frame for the night.

The soggy chick was a bit shocked and didn't know what to do, so Little Girl tucked it under Victoria, and it soon settled down.

We're not sure if the soggy chick actually swallowed any of the old bath water, so Animal Search and Rescue will have to go and check on it first thing tomorrow.

Daddy has covered the bathtub so nothing else will fall in tonight, and the Big Boys will empty it tomorrow onto our feijoa trees.

Little Girl took these photos (the lower picture shows two chicks poking their heads out from underneath Victoria's feathers - very cute) and asked me to put this story on our blog.

That's enough excitement to last for quite a while! Ah! And now ... it's bedtime. :o)

God Bless
The Mummalady

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