Saturday, October 6, 2012


This poor little doll had terribly neglected hair with a stuck-in hair band,  and worse than that - she'd been left stranded in her underwear!

We bought her for $1 from the re-use shop then attempted to give her a  makeover.

Most modern dolls have hair that frizzes in a second, and is ruined forever.  However, we managed to brush this doll's hair, wet it thoroughly then plait it tightly.    We wrapped her fringe down firmly with a strip of fabric.  After the hair dried, we carefully unplaited it, and were very pleased with the result!  Even the fringe was behaving itself!

Although we are not talented seemstresses we managed to make a modest little dress for her, and now our $1 dolly is called Gwendoline.

We see a lot of unloved dolls in re-use shops or op-shops.  However, we are VERY choosy about which ones we rescue.   Some have distorted features, distorted body shapes or the look on their face is rather smug or knowing.   Others have pen all over them or limbs missing!   But when we see a nice one, we'll bring her home and help her out a little.  It's great fun!

God Bless
The Mummalady

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