Wednesday, November 7, 2012


This is my "old" camera.  I love it.  It's pink.    :o)

But sadly it seems to have come to the end of it's very short life.

Most of the photos on this blog were taken with my lovely little pink camera - photos like:

However, the other day I went to take a photo and ... oh dear!   It was all WHITE!   I checked the settings, adjusted everything, went back to "factory settings",  got our 17 year old to check it - but urgh - look:

This is supposed to be a shot of some darling little purple gumboots.  The man in the shop tells me that THE END has come for this camera. 

However, every cloud .... silver lining and all that ... we had a family conference, piggy banks were emptied, pennies were counted, bank accounts consulted ... and now:

We have a new camera - one we can have a lot of fun with - not just a point and shoot.   I used to have a good camera before I had children - a proper one!  A Pentax!  And I loved photography.  But over the years other things have been more important, so I've been happy with whatever camera I could afford, and whatever would do the job.

But in this season with a smidge more time to spend on arty things we are going to enjoy our new camera A LOT!

I just need to keep reminding myself to take the LENS CAP OFF!  Keep watching this space for some more beautiful photos.

God Bless
The Mummalady

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Heather NZ said...

Ah yes. The lens cap. Glad to know I'm not the only one.