Thursday, November 15, 2012


Our daughter was emailing her 2nd cousin to tell her about the "Parcshal Eclipse".  I love how she has a really good go at spelling new things!  She has confidence that I didn't have.

Before the partial eclipse our 17 year old gave our little ones a reminder about the sun, moon and earth - using a torch to represent the sun, a model of the moon that he got from somewhere in his room and the globe.   Our 10 year old understood the whole thing because it's not the first time she's come across this information.  Our 7 year old was listening and will remember some bits (especially as he is going through a "space/solar system" phase).  Our 5 year old was more impressed by the fact that we'd drawn the curtains and were sitting in the dark at 9.00am.  Our 2 year old was listening ... sometimes ... probably.

Our big guy had made us a couple of "cereal box viewers".  Just as well our favourite cereal was on special last week - we normally don't get the stuff in the boxes!

This is the image on the bottom of the box that we saw through the "viewing hole" at the top of the box - about 20 minutes after the partial eclipse started.

Our little girl had a go at taking a photo of the view (her pink camera still works!).

A little later - probably at the peak of the partial eclipse this was our view of the moon blocking the sun.

Did you know that when Jesus Christ walked on the earth as a man HE looked at the same moon we look at?

And He created it - because He is God.

God Bless you all who call on Him sincerely
The Mummalady

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