Monday, January 6, 2014


We love our sandpit, but I had another idea for this space off our verandah.

We hunted around our place and found some "stuff" (we collect "stuff" although we try not to), bricks, racks, paving stones, an old chip heater, a stainless steel sink bench ... you know, just the normal stuff people have ...

We moved the sandpit (that sounds easy when I say it, but it involved a LOT of hard work!) gathered our stuff together into one place and made the children a "mud cake kitchen" - now called a Mud Kitchen by our 3 year old.  

Today I spent $5 at the reuse shop and purchased some lovely enamelled bowls, a neat green saucepan and some snazzy weather-proof/mud-proof utensils.

The children LOVE IT!

We have here a mud cake decorated with sheepswool icing, served with runny mud chocolate sauce and some "whipped cream".

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