Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Blue van was ours, the car was the other guys.

In June 2004 we were involved in a fatal car crash. A young guy went straight through a stop sign - I was driving about 90ks and went straight into the side of him in our van. His passenger died. I later found out it was not because of the impact - but in fact he had choked on something he had been eating.

The repercussions were HUGE - but another sad thing - after a prison sentence and home detention the young driver died in another car crash a year later. I think of his grandmother crying in the courtroom - the selfish decisions he was making following the wrong crowd.

I was reminded of this accident again on Sunday when my neck started to hurt again. Whiplash seems to pop up again and again over the years it seems. Monday night was so bad I couldn't sleep. I was in such agony I had tears running down my face.

So Tuesday morning I was on the phone right away to my favourite neck fixers Richmond Physiotherapy Over the years with my neck and back issues I have been to osteopaths, chiropracters and other physios but Richmond Physiotheraphy uses The McKenzie Technique which I HEARTILY recommend!!! It works for me anyway!

Last night after doing my exercises I was able to sleep for 4 hours perhaps I would have slept longer but our property was hit by a bolt of lightning and a whopping great rumble of thunder

I realised my neck had stiffened up again, so I got up and did my exercises. Ahhhhh. Relief. Back into bed for another 4 hours. Up again, more exercises. Back into bed to sleep till 6.30. What a blessing that our 22 month old (who sleeps in his cot next to us, sidecar style) had a restful night and only woke twice.

So after sitting here for 20 minutes I feel a set of exercises is necessary before we begin our day properly, and I figure I am well on the path to a healthy neck within a couple of days.

Bye for now
The Mummalady

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