Sunday, August 30, 2009


Spring in New Zealand looks like this! This is a wild plum tree (wild because I don't have a clue what variety it is!)

Three of our hens - these girls are White Leghorns.

Our house - originally built in the city around 1890, this end you can see in the photo was added on in the 1920's and 3 years ago it was cut in half and brought out here in two pieces on the back of a BIG truck.

Arty shot of Almond blossoms

John at the front, and Hoarse at the back. These guys are Boer goats. Bred for meat - similar to mutton but nowhere near as fatty.

A couple of little kids we are raising for our friend who breeds Boer goats. The little girl on the left is Zoe (The Noisy One), and the sweet little darlin' on the right is Yona.

The Mummalady.

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Anonymous said...

You are such a great photographer. I love the almond blossom one. So pretty. Yes Spring is almost upon us and I cannot wait to see new life sprouting on the bare trees around our neighbourhood - knowing the passing of winter has come.
Bless you my dear friend~