Wednesday, January 27, 2010


When I ran my Notebooking etc session last year I showed the ladies a list of activities that I had written out that our small children enjoy.

The beauty of a written list is that it can be posted up where you can see it regularly (usually the kitchen!), and it reminds you what resources you have, and what they enjoy doing.

I encouraged the ladies to go through their house and write a list of all their toys, resources and various games the children enjoy and make their own lists.

The ladies asked me if my list was on my blog, and it wasn't!! So here it is. As requested :o)

If you are wanting to collect good resources for your children I would suggest you look at this list as we've been working on it for about 14 years now, and we don't like faddish, junky or nasty toys or resources.

Just a note there on the subject of presents for children: if someone gives your child a present that goes against your family's values (i.e., it is nasty, evil-looking, encourages ungodly role-playing etc) please do not feel you have to keep it.

Have a go at using this as a springboard to make your own lists!

And please let me know what toys or resources YOUR family enjoy that could be included in a future list.


cars (Matchbox, Siku or similar) line them up, sort according to colour, type etc or make garage or carpark out of wooden blocks
wooden train set
pop-up tent inside or out
wooden blocks (on own, or with cars, tractors, animals etc)
wooden castle
drawing & colouring
pretend washing up outside
biking outside
making cardboard oven
cooking set
board games (played any old how)
shaving cream on a tray (a variation: a few drops of food colouring, then put paper over to make print)
piano (or other sturdy instrument!)
icing biscuits
sand or rice tray
dressing up box
camping under a tree
sand tray minature scene
real cooking – pikelets etc
play “be a (stick, tree, cow)”
Tikes Peak set
teddy picnic
hidey hut made of sheets
real washing up
container of buttons to sort
cornflour and water gloop
cotton reels
bean and pasta pictures
threading chunky beads
magnifying glass
going for a run
play dough
tasting things game (Mummy puts small pieces of food on plate and blindfolds child)
card making
rocks, pebbles or clean shells you have collected – line them up, sort them according to colour, size, shape, make a road for cars to drive along ...
collect empty food containers and play shops
make stories on tapes
listen to stories on tapes
tidying clothes
looking at photos
playing libraries
communication Lego game
Counting Bears
pirate treasure
free play outside
farm animals
pressing flowers
marble roller set
pretend bus ride with chairs
tennis or badminton
sewing cards
brush the dog
sweeping outside
sorting out old toys
phoning Nana
making paper snowflakes
blowing bubbles
dictating then illustrating a story
“painting” the deck and furniture with water
hunt the “thimble” (or teddy or cup)
playing with maths blocks
colour i-spy
have a bath
Peggy board
pegs in a bucket
B.O.P.s board
wrapping small boxes – pretend parcels
musical cushions – one cushion per child
matching games
making iceblocks/frozen bananas
homemade playdough
Fisher Price Loving Family dolls and wooden blocks

The Mummalady


Mrsbossman said...

Hi, would you mind writing a bit on your day? How do you get everything done with your children? How do you include them in things, like when you are working? What chores do they have? How do you keep them organised and in line? How do you keep them respectful? How do you train them to be respectful? Lots of questions? Can you respond?

The Mummalady said...

Hi Mrsbossman. Would you mind introducing yourself a little before I answer please? One thing I will answer right now is that if your children are going to do some cleaning it makes it a lot easier to use Enjo fibres as they are not going to be dangerous like bleach or other sprays or cleaners, the children can't "waste" them like they might even with ecologically sound cleaners like vinegar and baking soda, and they won't leave a residue because they are used with water. The website is - and try and find a rep near you.