Thursday, January 14, 2010


She is ready for sale!

Drop us a comment if you'd like to buy her.

1980 J2 Bedford

4-berth, no HT licence required - drive on a car licence. Great for a lady to drive as not too difficult. I have even parked her in supermarket carparks!!!!!!!!!!

Fresh new Certificate of Fitness and registration.

Super little bus!

$19,500 ono.

Bye for now!

The Mummalady


Alison said...

What a lovely bus. We would like to travel in it but first comes the farm.
We do know some families moving to NZ who might be interested, so will pass on the details.
Mrs Bart

Life Risk Limited Adviser said...

Paint it yella, and the US citizens will drive past slowly!

Neil Smith

The Mummalady said...

Thanks Mrs Bart! Mr Smith - I'm glad the US citizens take more notice of their road rules than NZ drivers! People hardly take their foot off the accelerator when they pass school buses here unfortunately.