Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This morning I tripped over a pile of clothes next to Little Boy's bed.

As I brushed my teeth I contemplated whether I would pick them up - or get him to do it.

Just then, the Lord gave me an idea.

I went into the lounge and found Little Boy playing happily with blocks.

Mummy: "You know how a snake sheds his skin?"

Little boy (putting down blocks and giving me his full attention): "Yes."

Mummy: "The snake just slithers out of the skin and leaves it there - and he can do that because it's biodegradable - it will break down and disappear into the soil and the earth."

Little boy (full of interest). "Yes! That's right!"

Mummy: "Well sweetie - God made you to be a little boy, not a snake - and when you slithered out of your clothes last night and left them on the floor they didn't biodegrade, and they won't disappear, so you need to pick them up and put them in the washing hamper."

Little boy (slightly let down that a conversation started with such promise - talking about snakes and shedding skins- turned out to be a lesson on tidyness): "Oh, ok."

The Mummalady

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Anonymous said...

Oh, that was GORGEOUS. Thanks for the giggle. I love it.