Sunday, July 18, 2010


Later on this year we are going to start a family business selling lovely natural things that we have made.

This beautiful little item here will be for sale!

The need for this stool came about because we have children wanting to go to the toilet by themselves, and then they want to drag the stool over to the bathroom sink to wash their hands.

Many stools are too big and heavy, and often Mummy has to bend over to pick up itl!

So, this Mummy, tired of bending over and picking up stools to drag around for her darling children, designed a handsome looking, light-weight stool *** WITH A HANDLE! ***

No more bending over!

Daddy went out into the workshop, found a spare piece of Rimu, and VIOLA!! Isn't he a clever Daddy?!

The children LOVE to drag this around the house using it in the bathroom, and the kitchen, and the lounge, and the bedroom ...

Just thought you might all like a look at one of the beautiful, exciting items our family will be producing and selling.

(Any advance orders??!!)

The Mummalady


Anonymous said...

That is gorgeous, and I want one too! Just have to save the pingas.
Well done to your hubby - very clever.

Anonymous said...

These are great! what a great idea Mummy! I am very impressed.
I don't have an order but I am sure you will get many in time as word spreads. Actually I can see a dual purpose. These little stool chairs would look wonderful with a matching table for when you have little guests at meal times. They are very cute. Love Sandra

The Mummalady said...

A table is one of the many, many items I have listed in my notebook for Daddy and the boys to make!

Anonymous said...

Yes please! we would like to order at least one and will collect when we come down your way to visit... which might be some time away but
dreams are free and one gets a lot of fun out of planning trips. These would be very useful in our home.
Very great design and style.
love Mrs Bart.