Friday, July 2, 2010


Someone just asked a group of us "what is your best hint for frugal home education?"

And so I thought about it.

And I came up with this:

My best hint is to pray for satisfaction and contentment with what the Lord has given you - and pray for your children to have this contentment and satisfaction too.

BUT as a home educating Mummy it is still our responsiblity to facilitate learning and provide resources, and so we pray that the Lord will open our eyes to exciting and wonderful ways to use what we have, and the things that come along cheaply or free.

For example, if you find some little baskets, or lovely wooden bowls in the op-shop (or re-use shop) for say $1 each - that would be a sensible purchase.

Make sure they are not junky horrible bowls or baskets, and ensure that they are a pleasing shape and size.

Next time you are at the beach have the children collect shells or some lovely rounded stones etc. The children can wash them when they get home (make sure none of the shells have little creatures living in them!) then put them baskets to be played with carefully.

This idea can be used for seed pods, autumn leaves, acorns - all sorts of lovely natural (FREE!) goodies that are so much nicer to play with than over-priced expensive plastic faddish junk.

The Mummalady

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jill farris said...

Love the idea and love your blog! Summer is a great time to think of lovely ways to display our kids nature collections!

Jill F. from mommys