Thursday, October 22, 2009


This morning just before 8 o'clock I went into the children's room to see if our little girl was awake.

She was - had been for a while, and she was reading. Snuggled and warm and quiet.

Oh we LOVE home education!

If she was going to school she would have been rushed out of bed into the bathroom, got dressed, rushed through her breakfast, lunch packed into bag, into the car and off to school.

Then she could do her reading in a crowded, noisy classroom.

I am not sure how this child has learned to read so well. I remember the same thing happening twice before with the older boys!

We read a lot out loud.

Our children are "reading" books themselves, and having them read to them, almost from birth it seems. We love reading and we love books.

When this little girl was about 6 I realised she wasn't ready for formal reading lessons, so we left it. We still did lots of other good fun things, but there was no pressure for her to read. What's the point?

When she was about six-and-a-half she said that she REALLY wanted to read. We got the "Succeeding At Reading" book out and started at the beginning. She FLEW through the lessons.

She now loves to take a book to bed, and to read out loud to me during our special times together.

I know of other children who have learned to read, seemingly by themselves anywhere from age 4 to age 10.

There is no use in teaching a four month old how to crawl up stairs. They are not ready. They don't need that skill.

However, when a baby starts to crawl and one day comes to the stairs - then that's the sign that some "stair lessons" might be profitable! Or maybe a gate at the top and bottom of the stairs!

So back to the reading in bed - little girl finished the chapter, happily got out of bed, had her breakfast and now she is playing with her puppy while Mummy finishes on the computer. Then we will do our singing, and reading out loud ...

We are VERY grateful for home education.

If I can encourage or inspire anyone else to save their children from the school system it makes me very glad.


The Mummalady

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