Monday, October 5, 2009


In the last few weeks I've been thinking and researching about web pages and auto responders and web hosts and membership lists and all kinds of things.

My head was spinning at first, I had no idea what was what - well, ok, I knew what a web page was.

I've been listening to a lot of Cindy Rushton's mp3 messages, and I am inspired to (as she says) "step up to the call".

I know I am a writer (a writer is "Someone Who Writes") and I know I have things to say (rather too much at times).

I understand that being able to write is a gift, and I desire to use this gift for the glory of God.

And so, things have been brewing quietly here and I find myself now in need of some technological knowledge.

I guess it's good for us to go over our heads once in a while and try and learn something new. It reminds us how the children must feel when faced with the unknown.

This morning I was talking to my middle ones (4 and 7) about the character trail of being orderly. I nearly laughed out loud when I looked at the face of my sweet little 4 year old. He was straining to understand, but he didn't get it at all! Darling boy. I came at it from another half a dozen angles and at last the light turned on and he completely got it and we sang a tune I'd hastily arranged for 1 Cor 14:40.

It also reminds us to be patient with ANYONE we come across who doesn't understand what we are talking about (I'm thinking specifically of some husband/wife conversation where one just doesn't understand the other!).

The Mummalady

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