Friday, October 9, 2009


Before we had our fifth baby we started to learn about Infant Potty Training, or Nappy Free (Diaper Free for outside Aus and NZ!) or Elimination Communication.

Rather than me go into lengthy detail (my little girl is intent on designing and gathering things for her homeschool Pet and Hobby day entry, so time is limited for other less important issues like blogging!) I would like to point my readers to some interesting things I have read about this issue.

One of the first websites I found and then continually returned to is by a lady called Charndra in Australia. There is heaps of information here.

I've read a couple of books - and just recently found, on the Pearl's website, there is an audio by Shalom which you can listen to here.

Shalom's method is quite different to the others I have read about, and I wonder if it might have worked better with our last little man.

We were going great with nappy free till he was about 7 months when he started to protest loudly about it all, and we backed off a great deal.

He is now nearly 2 years old and we are starting training again, but we are not using a potty as we've learned that sitting to "eliminate" is an extremely unhealthy way do to things.

It is only in "civilized" cultures that people use a "porcelain throne", and it would seem that it's mainly in "civilized" society that people have "elimination" issues - from piles to colon cancer.

I would like to come back to these subjects for another post - but right now we are discussing the design and manufacture of a miniature chicken A-frame, garden shed made of iceblock sticks and other exciting things.

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