Wednesday, October 21, 2009


This afternoon I was able to put the meat in the oven to roast!

This evening I sat with the family at the table, and had a tiny plate of food in front of me!

When Daddy prayed we all held hands and our little 2 year old was beaming. Mummy was back!

It's been about 4 months since I was able to sit at the table with the others when they ate and not feel horribly sick.

I am rejoicing!

Must be halfway through now if I feel like this.

In a couple of weeks I will be VERY WELL!!!

"Morning" sickness (bad in the mornings, worse mid-afternoon and terrible in the evenings) is something I am used to, this is the sixth time. I have learned a little how to cope with it, but once or twice I found myself falling into the sin of self-pity while I have felt so bad.

That is the worst thing I can do. "Give thanks in all things". And so I do. :o)

I have a dear friend who does not have an appetite for food. That only happens to me when I have morning sickness and it's not pleasant at all.

Food, and taste buds are a wonderful gift from God. It's easy and awful to abuse the gift with gluttony - and that doesn't just mean eating THE WHOLE PACKET of chocolate biscuits. It means having four biscuits, when one or two would have been entirely sufficient. It's also awfully easy to abuse the gift by eating food that is over-processed, over-fatty, over-sweetened, over-flavoured, genetically-engineered, chemically treated ... what have I missed?

While we love to eat good organic food most of the time, we are still on a journey to get it right. We have a grain mill and make our baked goods (without or with very very little sugar) with our freshly ground wholegrain wheat, we are starting our vegetable garden up this year finally, the children have very little dairy - we substitute cow milk for Rice Milk, and I am always willing to research and learn how to take care of these precious children, and my darling husband better.

So all that has been very tricky while I have been sick.

But it's nearly over now. It was just a season, although it seemed long when I was in the middle of it :o)

If you are going through a trial I would encourage you to give thanks in all things. We don't need to understand WHY are going through this trial. We don't need to understand WHY we are giving thanks! But we give thanks, and the grace of God will surround us, encourage us and get us through.

The Mummalady

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