Tuesday, November 30, 2010


A wise mother-of-many once told me that if we have well-meaning friends and relations then we should de-clutter EVERY WEEK!

We had left it a bit long I think.

I encourage everyone to have a really good mental attitude towards STUFF. Some stuff is good and useful and helpful. Other stuff is annoying, cluttering and hard work!

We like "living with less" but we still have a lot of STUFF. But an ecletic home educating mummy will find that it comes with the territory. It's great to have books, and paper, fabric and art supplies ... we need to keep them tidy, USE the art equipment instead of hoarding it, and constantly cull out the rubbish.

The old 3-box system works beautifully for de-cluttering. One box for keeps, one for give-aways and one for throw aways.

The give-away boxes can be taken to the Re-Use shop, or charity shop on your next trip out.

Like we did.

And we felt so much lighter on the way home. :o)

The Mummalady

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