Friday, November 19, 2010


During this time of intensive research for the book our family is writing on Home Education, I am able to revisit lots of old "friends".

One of these is "Teaching the Trivium" by Harvey and Laurie Bluedorn.

Just thought I would share a few portions as time permits.

Here's the first one:

... If there were some simple but accurate diagnostic test to assess whether the mind is physically ready, we might recommend them. As it is, the best test we know of on the market is the parental assessment - the homeschool hunch - a carefully designed method whereby mom and dad, after working with the child, come to agree, "yep, he's ready for this," or "Nope, we're going a bit fast, we'll hold back a little here." Please notice that the parent is being trained through his process as much as the child. We suspect this was the original design.

From Chapter 10 - page 290
Used with permission from the Bluedorns

In New Zealand "Teaching the Trivium" is available from Hefnet on sella or trademe

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