Thursday, November 11, 2010


It's not that we're afraid the potatoes will escape!

We need to keep our potatoes safe from our chooks.

Since we let our chickens go free-range we are having so much fun. It's a much healthier idea to let the chickens go free, but pen the vegetables in.

This potato cage was made from bits and pieces around the place, some compost we'd made - some compost that wasn't ready yet, and some soil.

After constructing it we left it open on one side and the chickens helped themselves to any goodies they wanted, scratched it around, spread it, composted it ...

Then the yucky little doggie came trotting out happily with a mouthful of something mucky ...

We will put the potatoes in the soil today, under the compost.

As the plants grow we will throw hay onto them to encourage more growth.

I will take some more photos later in the season to show how this experiment is working!

The Mummalady

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