Wednesday, November 3, 2010


To some people it might just look like some bits of cardboard with numbers on them ...

But to us, this is a valuable game that teaches and reinforces:

- number recognition

- taking turns

- following instructions

- making neat piles of cards

- understanding rules

- matching numbers

- waiting patiently while other people learn

- laughing together

- congratulating each other

- waiting till other people have finished the game before starting another.

Not just a few bits of cardboard.

The Mummalady


Heather C said...

HI Debbie !
can you share how you made this game ? any others ? Many thanks :) hope you and the family are doing well ! Blessings ~ Heather C.

The Mummalady said...
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The Mummalady said...

Hello Mrs C! Make the main "board" for each child with any numbers written on it, then matching small cards (with the same numbers on them). If you make one at a time you won't get muddled (like I can do otherwise!) with which numbers you've used. Easy game is: number cards are face down; taking turns each player turns card over and says the name of the number, looks to see if they need that number. If they do, they place the number card on their board. If not, they return the number to the "discard" pile. Another game: put all the number cards out on the table (like playing "memory") and child can pick up a card, turn it over and see if they need it. If not they place it back in the same spot on the table, face down. Another player might need that card, so will have to try and remember where it was place.