Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Dear Readers
We were blessed to be present when our doe gave birth to the little kid that we named Robyn - shown above in 2006. Just in case you are wondering - she didn't stay that pink colour! How amazing to be part of the miracle of birth.

And now - our family is very pleased to announce that the Lord has blessed us with another baby!

New Baby has been, for nearly 4 months, dwelling in the secret place - Mummy is feeling very sick but excited. Going on past history then I may be well again in about 2 - 4 weeks. Until then the older boys are honing their cooking skills! I often have to sit outside as the tea cooks and the family eats, but I feel a lot more positive than I have done in previous pregnancies where the sickness really got me down a lot.

I am taking two supplements which I believe are helping me - Blackmore's Morning Sickness tablets which have 250mg of B6 and ginger. I'm having these three times a day. Twice a day isn't enough! Also Usana Essentials - Multi Vitamin and Mega Antioxidant. When I ran out of these I was definitely sicker - so I guess they work!

I just wanted to share an opinion (I have an opinion? Oh yes!) about pregnancy testing. Speaking to older Mums they will often say "Well, they didn't have all that when I had my children".


Reading through the latest pregnancy handout I came across information about blood tests that can tell you if your baby has a problem - but it can't tell if there is a definite problem.

Or the results can tell you if your baby DOES NOT have a problem, but it can't tell if it definitely DOES NOT have a problem.

So really, why have the test at all?

A different, and in my opinion, more acceptable test is the urine test which shows if sugar and protein are present. These are the sort of things we can take action on if a problem is spotted.

But I have read so many testamonials from ladies who were advised there either "could be" or "definitely was" a "problem" with their baby - and they were advised to "terminate" (i.e., kill) their baby. They chose not to. Subsequently they went on to have wonderful healthy babies.

We had scans with our first two children, then decided against it for the third. However, at one stage it was thought we were having twins so we went in for a scan. I was uncomfortable about it, and if I NEEDED to have one again I would ask that it be over and done with in the shortest time possible. No need for measuring thigh bones and skull etc unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.

So for the last two babies we had no scans.

Same with this baby - no scan planned.

We often joke about "The Babies" as Mummy's tum has grown very quickly - more to do with bad stomach muscles though probably!

Twins would be absolutely wonderful - but a home birth would be out in that case which would be sad.

Nevermind - we rest in God's plan and leave it totally in His hands.

Amen :o)

The Mummalady

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