Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Something our daughter and I delight in is making cards. We get all our beautiful bits and pieces, punches, ribbons, paper and card together and look at what we have, and then decide how to use it.

The best bit is sending our cards off to people to say thank you, or thinking of you, or with a piece of scripture or a poem in it.

But sitting makings cards is not a favourite pass-time of our 14 year old son. He delights in posing their Action Men and making photo stories. He is honing many skills during these sessions.

And our last photo for this post is something else that the big boys delight in - Lego. For over 12 years now our floors have been littered with bits of Lego - painful to step on, difficult to keep contained but incredibly beneficial to their fingers, their minds and their playtime. And as the boys get older, and have access to digital cameras and editing equipment on the computer they delight in producing some great stop-motion animation.

The little guys have been watching the big ones play with Lego since they were born, so it's easy for them to come up with some great ideas.

I first learned about Delight Directed Learning about 10 years ago. It works.

Check out some of the links.

So I just wanted to share something that's good :o)

The Mummalady

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