Monday, September 14, 2009


My little girl turned 7 during the week, and on on Saturday, Daddy stayed home with the boys and the girls took off in Daddy's little work car for some serious shopping!

She had some money from both sets of grandparents. A lot of thought went into what she might buy - discussing and making lists. So on Saturday when we actually got to the shops the joy of purchasing things was wonderful!

We make a point of never going shopping for "leisure" or "entertainment", so to have some birthday money to spend is a very special thing.

We bought morning tea - a sausage roll for Mummy and a chocolate croissant for Miss 7. This was a huge treat. :o)

Near the end of the expedition Miss 7 found some things to buy to bring home as presents for some of her brothers - the Smelly Belly being the major find of the morning - $2 in the Salvation Army shop. Our two oldest boys are Smelly Belly collectors. They actually already have this Giant Smelly Belly - Lolli Pop - but it's always fun to add more to the collection (apparently) and they have plans for making more movies with Smelly Belly as actors (gripping! What they lack in expressions they make up for in personality).

We also had a girls' library visit (one of the boys commented on the fact that he could tell that it was a girls' trip - quite a few of the books were about cardmaking and scrapbooking ...).

So we spent some money, had some treats and got some library books - but the main thing was that we spent time together. Just Mummy and her darling little girl. I often look at her and will myself to remember every little detail about her while she is still young. I know that I'll blink and suddenly she'll be 17.

But I'll still be her Mum even when she's grown up. And I cherish every moment and deeply thank the Lord for each of His precious children that He has chosen for me. For me to teach, care for, guide and love.

The Mummalady

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